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 High Tech Product Launch - Second Edition - TOC

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Second Edition

Part I: Data Gathering and Analysis

Chapter 1: Product Launch as a Business Process
Chapter 2: Product Definition
Chapter 3: Strategic Objectives
Chapter 4: The Customer
Chapter 5: Market Analysis
Chapter 6: Competition
Chapter 7: Distribution Plan

Part II: Market Strategy and Programs

Chapter 8: Market Strategy
Chapter 9: Message Development and Usage
Chapter 10: External Marketing Programs
Chapter 11: PR and Advertising
Chapter 12: Internal Marketing Programs
Chapter 13: The Marketing Plan

Part III: Launch Planning and Implementation

Chapter 14: The Launch Planning Process
Chapter 15: The Launch Team
Chapter 16: The Launch Schedule and Resource Allocation
Chapter 17: The Launch Budget
Chapter 18: Compiling the Launch Plan
Chapter 19: Launch Implementation

Going Forward

Chapter 20: Launch Process Improvement

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